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This wine is a tribute to the persévérance of these remarkable old vines having made the voyage by sea as rootlings from France to Glenrowan back in the late 1800’s. Surviving the ravages of time they valiantly prevail today dry grown and exposed to nature’s elements truly reflecting a unique piece of Australian wine history.

A heritage wine made as it would have been in the 1890’s with minimal intervention, open fermentation and basket pressing. Matured in French oak with half new and the balance seasoned. This low yielding single vineyard wine produced a mere three barrels for the 2012 vintage

This wine will further reward with careful cellaring.

Savour this tribute
133 Dozen

Onyx is a black gem and this opulent wine is our very own precious black jewel. Often referred to in the winery as bulls’ blood, this wine is a dense concentrated vinous power house.

Produced from a mature single vineyard grown in the Rutherglen district. This wine has been created with minimal winemaking intervention utilizing open natural fermentation, extended time on skins and basket pressed to new and seasoned French oak.

This wine will further reward with careful cellaring.

Celebrate this variety's power

To understand Quasimodo you must venture beyond the surface and explore the inner soul. As individual varietal wines can struggle for love but when blended together they can sing, shine and bring harmony.

Quasimodo is an Australian blend of Shiraz, Durif and Nero d’Avola sourced from the regions of Eldorado, Rutherglen and Glenrowan. It’s an amalgam of flavor and colour culminating in a complex rewarding wine.

This wine will further reward with careful cellaring.

Venture beyond the cover

315 Dozen

A native grape from Sicily makes it ideally suited to the growing conditions and red granite soils of ‘Eldorado’in North East Victoria. To pioneer a new variety requires dedication, resilience and importantly a guiding hand from friends or ‘Comrades’ both from Australia and abroad.

The sharing of knowledge and the pursuit of a wine that showcases the variety in its purest form has guided ourwinemaking principles. Fermented wild with cold soak, minimal intervention and matured in seasoned French oak.

This wine will further reward with careful cellaring.

Cherish good friends

191 Dozen

Luminoso (adj. is Italian for bright)

This medium-dry Rosé made from the Sicilian red grape Nero d’Avola is fermented in seasoned French oak and left on lees with regular stirring to produce a refreshing bright savoury style.

Best served chilled in the shade of your favourite tree with family and friends and lots of laughter.

La vita è buona (life is good)

276 Dozen

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